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Aviation and minitrike rentals.

Interested in Renting San Luis Obispo's Minitrike Aircraft?

Here at AirGes we provide high quality aircraft for the community to rent straight from San Luis Obispo. Whether you are new to flying aircraft, or an experienced veteran. We hope you find a perfect ride, for the perfect flight!


What is a minitrike?

A minitrike, also refered as a flex-wingtrike, is one of many types of hang glider using a Rogallo wing attached to a propeller-powered-three-wheeled undercarriage. Minitrikes take some practice to control, but with time they can be one of the most fun things to do in your spare time. Not for the faint of heart. Minitrikes provide an experience like no other!


Other kinds of aircraft

While minitrikes are what we are known for, we have a vast variety of aircraft to rent. We encorage people to try new kinds of aviation. Such as a mosquito helicopter, or other forms of light aircraft we offer. Although slightly more pricey than mini trikes, our other forms of aircraft are highly recomended for anybody who enjoys the hobbie.